About Us

Neua Team

Who is NEUA?

NEUA is an IT consulting company founded in 2020 by experts who accept with enthusiasm new challenges, promote the quality of work, believe in the importance of technological innovation. We gained experience in dynamic, versatile, domestic and international projects, making solid our technical skills and processes knowledge.  Keen on new technologies, we quickly understand how can they be applied to improve business.

Why Choose us?

  1. Neua is an e-quality team of consultants with long-time experience
  2. Neua brings together high-level functional and technical skills

  3. Neua supports you whether on Cloud or On-premise solutions

  4. Neua knows how important is to keep up to date with your IT software

  5. Neua likes work closely with management in respect of business strategy

  6. Neua is passionate and curious to discover new industries

  7. Neua consultants hold an average of two certifications each